For melanoma survivor’s son, MD Anderson-Topgolf corporate alliance is personal

MD Anderson has been a part of Len
Turpin’s family for generations. In the 1960s, his paternal
great-grandmother was successfully treated here for ovarian cancer, and in the early 1980s, his
father was successfully treated here for melanoma.

MD Anderson is an amazing institution,”
says Len, who was just 11 when his father was diagnosed. “It really
makes a difference in people’s lives.”

A melanoma diagnosis

Len’s father, Kenneth Turpin, came to MD
in Sept. 1981, after discovering a swollen lymph node
under his right arm. He was diagnosed with stage III melanoma by the
late Charles M. McBride, M.D. Its source was a birthmark on Kenneth’s
right upper arm. Ironically, the mole had been examined regularly and
deemed non-cancerous for years.

“He’d had that mole all his life and it never gave him any trouble,”
Len says. “But right before Dad was diagnosed, it suddenly ‘bleached
out.’ Then he found the swollen lymph node, which turned out to be a
tumor the size of a large lemon.”

An early immunotherapy clinical trial

Len’s father had the tumor removed at a hospital near his home in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He came to MD
for additional treatment, and had surgery here to
remove another 16 lymph nodes on the right side of his body. He also
participated in an immunotherapy clinical trial for something called “MER
therapy” (or methanol extraction residue of bacillus Calmette-Guerin).
Patients are still being treated with a related

“It was a pretty rough experience,” Len adds. “And there was a point
when we didn’t know if Dad was going to make it. But he’s showed no
evidence of disease since 1982, and he’s still going strong 35 years later.”

Melanoma diagnosis leads to better sun safety

Kenneth’s melanoma diagnosis made a deep impression on his family.
In particular, it’s spurred them to make smarter choices when it comes
to sun exposure, which can increase the risk for melanoma.

“To this day, Mom asks me if I’ve got my sunscreen on,” Len admits.
“And the kids get slathered down anytime they go anywhere. It’s
definitely a lifestyle change.”

Still, he doesn’t mind. Len’s just grateful that his father has
lived long enough to meet his own kids, the youngest of whom is only
four months old.

“Our daughter Sage was born on March 9,” Len says. “If it hadn’t
been for MD Anderson, Dad wouldn’t have been here to see her.”

‘A big part of our lives’

That’s why the Operations Manager at Topgolf Spring is
excited that his company is supporting MD
programs and cancer research.

During the month of July, guests can join Topgolf in raising funds
to end cancer. By making a minimum $5 donation, guests will receive a
$10 off game play coupon, valid for use on a Monday-Thursday return
visit to Topgolf. You can donate at any of Topgolf’s 30 venues upon
check-in, or visit to donate. All funds
raised through the Topgolf End Cancer Campaign will support programs
and research in the Center for Energy Balance in Cancer Prevention and
Survivorship at MD Anderson, which aims to
better understand the connection between a healthy lifestyle and cancer.

“I am really happy to see this partnership,” Len says. “MD Anderson has been such a big part of our
lives. I can’t remember doctors I’ve seen myself in the last few
years, but I’ll always remember
Dr. McBride. He was like a member of our family.”

Request an appointment at MD Anderson online or by
calling 1-877-632-6789.