A caregiver’s advice for preserving quality of life

Singer Kimmie Rhodes had been married to legendary music producer Joe
Gracey for 28 years when he died of metastatic esophageal cancer in November 2011. The couple
met in 1979, after Joe completed treatment at MD
for his first bout with cancer — which involved the
complete removal of his tongue.

“I was actually married to a man who didn’t speak,” Kimmie says. “In
a way, I became the voice he lost, but he could communicate very well
without speaking.”

The couple married in 1982, and Joe reinvented himself as a record
producer, while Kimmie kept performing. They enjoyed almost 30 years
together before Joe’s cancer returned in the spring of 2008.

A long-time Austin resident, Kimmie had never heard of MD Anderson before meeting her husband. But
once here, she learned a lot about being a caregiver to a cancer patient.

Here’s Kimmie’s advice for other caregivers.

1. Take care of yourself

The first thing Kimmie learned was the importance of taking care of herself.

“People caring for cancer patients can get hyper-focused, but you
don’t have to let yourself be consumed by it,” Kimmie says. “Shift
your attention and think about something else for a while. Ask for
help if you need it. And have hope. That’s what MD Anderson is all about.”

2. Make plans

Kimmie maintained the couple’s quality of life by planning
activities around town — both solo and together — while her husband
was receiving treatment here.

“You don’t have to think about cancer all the time,” she says. “You
can still have fun. So look around and find things that feed your
soul. There are so many places around Houston to see and do
interesting things. It has art galleries, science museums, restaurants
and parks. In the spring, you can even tour homes with azaleas blooming.”

3. Express gratitude

For Kimmie, finding things to be thankful for every day was the key
to maintaining an upbeat attitude. This philosophy even proved useful
after her husband had died.

“The answer to grief is gratitude,” Kimmie says. “I lost Joe to
cancer, but I don’t look at it as a failure. You can either be sorry
for what you didn’t get to have, or thankful for what you did. I had
Joe for 28 years, and we had a great life together.”

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