Best of MD Anderson 2019: Words of wisdom from our cancer survivors

Cancer patients find hope in different ways. Some do it by reminding themselves that nothing lasts forever, and that this, too, shall pass. Others seek solace in faith, supportive relationships or celebrating small victories. In many cases, the insights they’ve gained from their experiences can help others facing cancer.

Here are some words of wisdom our patients have shared with us over the past year that helped them stay upbeat as they navigated cancer treatment and recovery. We hope at least some of them will resonate with you and help you through cancer.

“My life is different now, but it’s still good.”
Max Nickless, anaplastic thyroid cancer survivor

“Don’t give up. This is only temporary.”
Ilyasha Hosea, breast cancer survivor

“Some of life’s sourest lemons make the best lemonade.”
Ciara Toth, acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor

“Each of us has greater strength because of the other.”
Ben Sanders, melanoma and prostate cancer survivor

“Life can still be beautiful after cancer.”
Alexa Jett, papillary thyroid cancer survivor

“I still have some dark days. But now, I also have hope and optimism.”
Elpida Argenziano, breast cancer survivor

“Side effects are a small price to pay for my life.”
Peggy Port, ovarian cancer survivor

“All I want to do is live well and love deeply.”
Nicole Body, sarcoma survivor

“I choose to get busy living.”
Constance Blanchard, glioblastoma survivor

“Every single bad day is better than no day at all.”
Deanna Wehrung, cervical cancer survivor

“I have a lot to be happy about, just because I’m a survivor.”
Vanessa Sanders, breast cancer survivor

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