Best of Cancerwise 2018: 9 inspiring quotes from our cancer patients and caregivers

Remaining hopeful during cancer treatment is as much an art as it is a skill. And, our cancer patients and their families demonstrate this on a regular basis.

Here are nine quotes that our patients and their caregivers shared with us on our Cancerwise blog this past year that reveal how they stayed motivated in the face of adversity. Our wish this holiday season is that at least one of them will help you through cancer, too.

“Cancer is just a chapter in our lives and not the whole story.”
Allie Moreno

“Every day you wake up is another opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.”
Jacqueline Wallace

 “Today is enough.”
Josh Taylor

“Life becomes more purposeful when you’re doing something good.”
Brendan Locke

“Giving in to the darkness offers no benefit.”
Marivel Preciado

“Cancer is a part of our life, but it’s not our whole life.”
Nick Prochak

 “There’s almost always something to smile about.”
Aaliyah Parker

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”
Layne Compston

“When cancer happens, you don’t put life on hold. You live now.”
Fabi Powell

What saying helps you get through the day? Share your story.

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