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Pink Ribbon Magazine is an awareness initiative aimed at providing support to those who are dealing, or who have had to deal with breast cancer. We are currently working on the first global issue of the Pink Ribbon Magazine.

The Pink Ribbon Magazine is a magazine meant for everyone (with and without breast cancer ties), and is brought out once a year in support of breast cancer research. While the magazine does focus on breast cancer, the topics in it are not exclusively related to breast cancer. The basic contents of our magazine:

Our magazine is dedicated to our subscribers, and we therefore reserve a section for them, where they can submit pictures, questions, or even testimonials they wish to share.

Life Stories
Our Life Story section contains moving stories about those who have come into contact with breast cancer, and their experiences during all stages. Through their stories they give insight and encouragement to those still dealing with the disease. Not only women will be able share their story, loved ones can also share what their point of view to see their wife, daughter, or mother deal with breast cancer.

Celebrity Profile
Our annual magazine also contains a few celebrity interviews. These in-depth interviews with celebrities and their spouses shows us how breast cancer can affect anyone, and gives an insight into the struggle the rich and famous have with a disease that can affect us all.

With or without breast cancer it is important that you have a healthy and balanced diet. Our magazine therefore gives tips (with recipes) on dieting for women at all stages; for women who have just been diagnosed and are preparing for therapy, to women who have beaten cancer and are recuperating from the therapy. Not only limited to food, our magazine also discusses the latest breast cancer drugs and therapy available to breast cancer survivors.

The Pink Ribbon Magazine not only covers the latest fashion from Paris and Milan, but it also covers the less known fashion. With fashion for breast cancer survivors, Pink Ribbon Magazine covers everything from tips on altering your own clothes, to the lingerie for women who have undergone a mastectomy.

We know beauty products don’t change the world, but some do work on more than your outer layers. Our magazine discusses the latest cosmetics for women of all ages; giving tips and insight into how to deal with change.

The Pink Ribbon Magazine is also dedicated to books, TV shows and movie reviews. The magazine contains a section on new movie releases (not only the “Hollywood movies”), and also discusses past movies worth seeing again. There is also a book review section where Pink Ribbon Magazine reviews recent and older books related to breast cancer. This is accompanied by a reading list of books we would suggest to women, and men, who are, have, or will need to deal with cancer

From the garden to the diningroom, our magazine gives seasonal tips on how to style your house.

The final section of our magazine is dedicated to travel, offering travel tips for all seasons of the year.

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