Breast self exam

How many times have you heard of the importance of prevention related to breast cancer? It maybe not the only factor to take on account, but regular breast self exams (BSE) can help you to detect if something abnormal is happening to your breast.

Many women know about the importance of the BSE, but have ever done it themselves. Why? Sometimes it is because they don’t know how to perform it, other times it is because they feel scared to find something unfamiliar and feel alarmed, maybe without a reason.

You may find yourself waiting for your doctor’s annual visit in order to receive a breast exam or it may take even longer for you to take care of it. And that is not enough.



In the video below, Michel Martineu, a breast cancer survivor and a very active blogger, guides you to the process and shows how to perform a BSE. She does it wearing a top, which won’t be necessary when you do it yourself.

Making a habit of doing a monthly BSE will help you get familiar with how your breasts normally look and feel. It is best to do it several days after the end of your period, because your breasts are the least likely to be swollen. If you are no longer having periods, choose a day that’s easy to remember, such as the first sunday of each month.

We recommend you to read our articles about breast examinations, where you can find detailed instructions and pictures on how to perform the BSE. And remember, if you have doubts, always ask you doctor or practitioner before drawing conclusions.



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