Best of Cancerwise 2016: 10 inspiring quotes from our patients and caregivers

When you’re facing cancer, a mantra may help you stay
and hopeful. And often, the best mantra for your journey comes
from someone else who’s been there.

This past year, dozens of MD Anderson
patients and
caregivers shared inspiring mantras and words of
wisdom here on our Cancerwise blog.

Here are 10 of their most inspiring quotes. We hope
find at least one that speaks to you regardless of where you are on
your cancer journey.

"Live big and love big. Look for the joys amongst

Lauren Richards, Caregiver

"I was never promised how or when I would depart
world, but every day I do have the choice to make it a good

Dean Hawkins
, Survivor

"Have fun on the good days, and on the bad days; know there is
a better tomorrow."

Nicole Chang
, Survivor 

"I’m living my life in spite of you, Cancer."

Marisa Suter
, Survivor

“We try really hard not to stress about what might come
because that robs your joy of today. Today, we can choose joy.”

Scott Ferguson
, Caregiver

“Cherish what’s important to you, and share with others whatever
mercy and kindness you are shown.”

Christopher Larkins
, Survivor 

"Remember what helped you and pay it forward.”
Ivanna Kern, Survivor 

“Fight like hell! And keep fighting because the journey doesn’t end
— it just changes.”

Jaymee Fiskum
, Survivor

"Cancer takes your mind and body on a roller coaster ride, and
there’s no reason to try and be a hero. If something is wrong, speak

Damion Smith
, Survivor

"We are not alone in this fight to end cancer, and as I
learned, it becomes easier to embrace hope and think of ourselves
as survivors once we realize that."

Kara Million
, Survivor

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