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A life altering disease

Breast cancer is a life altering disease that touches both the patients and their friends and family. The way breast cancer changes ones life is not always the same. There will always be a sense of relief, once the treatment is over, but this relief is quickly followed by anxiety for recurrence.

Some women will have a new outlook on life, and will want to grasp every moment of it, while other women will be more conservative, sometimes even depressed. This is often the case for women who have undergone a mastectomy, and have lost one or both their breasts. Women who have lost their breasts to cancer often have trouble adjusting to their new physical appearance. They might feel less attractive, and experience a loss of libido. If you are struggling after breast cancer, it can often help to seek support from people who have been through the same experience as you. We therefore recommend that you join a support group near you. If you know of a support group near you, or a national system in you country, feel free to email us at info@pinkribbon.org, and we will be able to add that information to our website.

Continuing on the affects breast cancer can have on your life. We cannot predict the feelings you might have as a result of what you have been through, this can differ per individual. We can tell you what physical changes (temporary or permanent) can occur as a result of breast cancer, and how these changes can be dealt with. Take a look at our following sections on Fashion and Beauty.

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