Frequently Asked Questions

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Why donate to Pink Ribbon?

Working with Pink Ribbon Inc. (not for profit), as opposed to establishing a private charity, affords donors the ability to focus on one’s passion, leaving Pink Ribbon Inc. (not for profit) to handle the day-to-day administrative and legal complexities associated with managing an international grant. This approach relieves donors of the administrative burdens and allows donors to not lose sight of their philanthropic passions and interests.

How it is decided where the donations go?

The charity works as a partner and strategic advisor for donors, helping to identify where donations can have the greatest impact, guiding donors through each complex step involved in international philanthropy. Pink Ribbon Inc. (not for profit) makes the process easy for donors, while implementing due diligence to ensure that grants are distributed effectively and have maximum impact, all the while staying in strict compliance with U.S. laws and regulations governing charitable giving internationally.

I would like my donation to remain anonymous. How I can be sure my privacy is respected?

Pink Ribbon Inc. (not for profit) has a strict donor privacy policy protecting the information of our donors from unauthorized persons. Additionally, all staff, volunteers and board members sign confidentially agreements to protect donor interests. For a variety of reasons, some donors choose to remain anonymous and their privacy is respected.

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