Donation principles

Fundamental Principles of Pink Ribbon Inc. (not for profit)

1. Consistent with the privilege inherent in their tax-exempt status. Pink Ribbon exclusively pursues the charitable purposes for which it was organized and chartered.

2. Pink Ribbon complies with both U.S. laws applicable to charities and the relevant laws of the foreign jurisdictions in which we engage in charitable work. Pink Ribbon, however, is a non- governmental entity that is not agent for enforcement of U.S. or foreign laws or the policies reflected in them.

3. Pink Ribbon adopts practices in addition to those required by law that, in its judgment, provide additional confidence that all assets—whether resources or services—are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

4. The responsibility for observance of relevant laws and adoption and implementation of practices consistent with the principles con- tained herein ultimately lies with the governing board of Pink Ribbon. The board of directors oversees implementation of the governance practices to be followed by the organization.

5. Fiscal responsibility is fundamental to inter- national charitable work. Therefore, Pink Ribbons commitment to the charitable use of its assets is reflected at every level of the organization.

6. When supplying charitable resources, fiscal responsibility on the part of the provider generally involves:

  • In advance of payment, determining that the potential recipient of monetary or in-kind contributions has the ability to both accomplish the charitable purpose of the grant and protect the resources from diversion to non- charitable purposes.
  • Reducing the terms of the grant to a written agreement signed by both the charitable resource provider and the recipient.
  • Engaging in ongoing monitoring of the recip- ient and of activities under the grant.
  • Seeking correction of any misuse of resources on the part of the recipient.

7. When supplying charitable services, fiscal responsibility on the part of a provider involves taking appropriate measures to reduce the risk that its assets would be used for non-charitable purposes. Given the range of services in which organizations engage, the specific measures necessarily vary depending on the type of services and the exigencies of the surrounding circumstances. The key to fiscal responsibility, however, is having sufficient financial controls in place to trace funds between receipt by the service provider and delivery of the service.

8. Pink Ribbon safeguards its relationship with the communities it serves in order to deliver effective programs. This relationship is founded on local understanding and acceptance of the independence of the charitable organization. If this foundation is shaken, the organization’s ability to be of assistance and the safety of those delivering assistance is at serious risk.

9. The declaration

Pink Ribbon certifies that its organization will use all grant funds in compliance with all applicable U.S. anti-terrorism laws and regulations including, but not limited to those promulgated by the Department of Treasury, the Department of Justice, Executive Order 13224 and the Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations set forth in 31 CFR Part 594. Without limiting the generality of this Section 3, you agree that, to the extent legally mandated, none of these grant funds will be paid, distributed, contributed, given or otherwise knowingly made available to, or for use by, any person or firm listed on the United States Government’s Terrorist Exclusion List or the list of specially designated nationals and blocked persons maintained by the United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Should any change in circumstances occur during the year, the Pink Ribbon will be notified as soon as possible.

A guaranteed minimum of 90% of all revenue (donations and merchandize) made by Pink Ribbon Inc. is labelled for international accredited research on the origins of Breast Cancer.

The remaining 10% up to a maximum of $ 20.000 (2011) is allocated to cover internal administative costs like maintaning our 30 international websites, domain names, trademarks, telephone, translation and accounting costs. This makes Pink Ribbon a most credible and efficient organisation currently existing.


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