Prostate cancer has made my family stronger

When you first hear the word, “cancer,” you think it’s the end of the
world. So, when my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago, our family was devastated.

None of us really knew what to expect, but MD
has been incredible, from the second my parents walked
through its doors. Everyone they’ve dealt with there has been both
welcoming and helpful. The patients they’ve met along the way have
made fighting cancer seem much more manageable, too.

We’re hopeful that one day, after my dad is healthy again, we’ll be
able to look back on this experience as something that made us all stronger.

Prostate cancer treatment is like a baseball season

My dad’s prostate cancer treatment has been a lot like a
baseball season, with many ups and downs. Some days he feels great,
and some days it’s a lot harder on him, which means it’s harder on
my mom and the rest of us, too. But he’s been involved in a number of
clinical trials, and he’s had a great experience
over all — if you can have one while being treated for prostate cancer.

Being together as a family is one thing that has really helped us.
Just the transparency that’s called for has forced us to be more open
and honest with each other — both about what and how we’re feeling.
And that’s made us stronger as a family.

I hope our cancer story stops with me

I plan to play baseball for a long time. But I also want to live a
long time. So, today, I’m doing everything I can prevention-wise to stay cancer-free. Any time you
know someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer, it
becomes more personal. And you want to do anything you can to help,
because every little bit counts.

There is so much out there in terms of cancer research and cancer treatment, that Making Cancer History® is
possible. And it’s not so far away you can’t see it. My dad had cancer
and his dad had cancer, too. But, I’m hopeful that that story stops
with me.

Collin McHugh is featured in three public service announcements
that MD Anderson is running at Ballpark
of the Palm Beaches during spring training to raise awareness about
sun safety, cancer prevention and healthy living. Collin is also
fundraising for MD Anderson on behalf of
the Jason Motte Foundation and 108 Stitches to help prevent others
from having to go through cancer like his family has.

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