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2015-03-02 Facebook may play role in marketing junk food to teens, young adults
A new study claims that social media sites, such as Facebook, may contribute to marketing of unhealthy foods to adolescents and young adults. The research team, including Becky Freeman, PhD, of the University of Sydney in Australia, publish their findings in the American Journal of Public Health.

2015-03-01 Could a probiotic benefit the skin of young, healthy women?
Is it time to shun the expensive face creams? In a new study, researchers claim a probiotic consumed once a day for 4 weeks proved beneficial for the skin of young, healthy women. The research team, led by Hiromi Kimoto-Nira, PhD, of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)

2015-02-28 Menopause is a reason to have a 'health audit,' claim experts
To coincide with International Menopause Day, the International Menopause Society publish a report that suggests taking certain actions at the time of the menopause may be important for avoiding chronic diseases in later life. In developed countries, the natural age of menopause is between 50 and

2015-02-27 Personalized ovarian cancer vaccines set for human trials
It may not be too long before there is a personalized vaccine to treat patients with ovarian cancer, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Connecticut say the vaccine stems from a new technique that identifies protein mutations in cancer cells, and the method is already set to

2015-02-26 The digital age of medicine: cadavers still best choice for learning anatomy
According to new research from Michigan State University, the traditional use of human cadavers to teach college anatomy proves a better choice for learning than computer simulated methods. Knowledge of anatomy is an important part of medical practice, with an absence leading to errors in identif

2015-02-25 Silicon Valley offers egg freezing to employees - but is it safe?
Earlier this week, the technology giants Facebook and Apple revealed that they are offering to cover the costs for female employees to freeze their eggs for later use. Although some have hailed the news as an example of progressive, flexible employment, others have been more critical. NBC News br

2015/02/24 How widespread is natural Ebola immunity?
The devastation that the world's worst Ebola outbreak is wreaking in West Africa is both heart-rending and alarming. Expert projections suggest worse is yet to come, and with cases now confirmed in the US and Europe, there are rising concerns that outbreaks may occur on other continents. However, as

2015-02-23 Scientists claim myelin production is crucial for learning new skills
It is well established that myelin - a protective layer that forms around the nerve fibers - is important for effective brain connectivity. Now, researchers from University College London in the UK claim the substance is crucial for learning new practical skills, such as playing a musical instrument

2015-02-22 Sugary soda drinks linked to cell aging
Regularly drinking high levels of sugar-sweetened soda could lead to the premature aging of immune cells, leaving the body vulnerable to chronic diseases in a similar manner to the effects of smoking, according to research. In a new study, scientists from the University of California-San Francisc

2015-02-21 Seniors 'comfortable with aging' are more likely to attend health screenings
In a new study, researchers at the University of Michigan have found that adults over 50 are more proactive with accessing preventive health services if they feel comfortable about aging. Experts know that older people are less likely to use preventive health services than younger or middle-age a

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